Questions Married Escorts Ask About Allergies

Overcoming allergies is not an easy task especially for married escorts. But as they saying goes, problem shared is half solved.

So below are some pertinent questions asked by many married escorts around the world and their corresponding answers.

1) How long will a four-year-old child have to take shots for asthma, and will he ever outgrow it?

Allergy desensitization shots have been used with variable results since early in this century, but there is no sure way of knowing when to stop the shots. Most specialists stop the allergy shots after a few years to see if they are still needed.


People can develop allergies at any age, though most begin in childhood. Likewise, many allergies disappear as a person gets older. Childhood food allergies and asthma often go away as the child grows up. Hay fever may get less severe as a person approaches middle age.

2) How did one become allergic to mold?

The answer is unknown, but much has recently been learned about mold allergy. Molds belong to the fungus family and are present everywhere. Only a few species cause allergy. One type of allergy is caused by summer molds.

These are kicked up when a person mows the lawn and may cause more allergy symptoms than the grass itself. Another kind of mold grows year-round in houses, particularly in damp environments, such as basements and bathrooms.

Houseplants often harbor molds on their stems and leaves.

3) Could child’s school-discipline problem be due to the food additives he gets in processed food?

This is perhaps the most controversial issue in connection with allergies today. Often the question of hyperactivity is raised. In the early 1970’s some researchers presented evidence that color additives and other chemicals in foods may be guilty.

A California pediatric allergist, Dr. Benjamin Feingold  for example, developed the theory that salicylates, artificial food colorings, and artificial flavorings cause hyperactivity.

He popularized a dietary regimen that is very restrictive and, if followed, needs careful planning to ensure adequate vitamins.


Although diets that restrict chemical food additives apparently can help a segment of hyperactive children, the American Council on Science and Health stated in 1982 that such additives “are not significant causes of hyperactivity in children.”

4) What vitamins can be taken instead of medications to cure my allergies?

There is no known cure for allergies. Even desensitization shots are only given to relieve the symptoms of allergies until the body fights them off.

Some allergists have promoted the use of vitamins, often in massive doses, for the treatment of allergies, though the value of this treatment in eliminating these diseases is questioned by many researchers.

Skin tests showed that I am allergic to almost all foods; so, what can I eat?
Nearly every allergic patient nowadays has heard of skin tests in which the suspected food allergen is injected into the skin and the reaction is measured.

A person may have severe skin reactions to foods that give him no trouble. Conversely, there have been instances in which a person was known to have severe allergy to shellfish, for example, and yet it did not show up clearly in skin tests.

Thus, even though skin tests may show reactions to certain foods, if the person has noticed no unpleasant effects when eating them in the past, it is probably safe to continue.

Can migraine headaches be due to allergies?

This question is mostly asked by women especially escorts. The swelling of the blood vessels in the head causes migraine headaches. Recent tests show that certain foods contain chemicals that can cause these headaches.

Foods such as chocolate, bananas, nuts, wine, cheese, hot dogs, and the food seasoning monosodium glutamate are suspect.